Welcome to Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC Hospice Care

From the very beginning of our excellent services up to the end of our patient’s lives, we provide high quality, comprehensive, hospice care for you or your loved one, with the highest levels of professionalism and sensitivity. Here at Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC we understand how important it is to incorporate our patient’s requests and not simply the doctor’s orders, so we are immensely proud of the innovative solutions we develop to improve the quality of life for our terminally ill patients. Unlike many traditional health care providers, we go above and beyond your minimum medical needs and really try to “add life to days, where days cannot be added to life.”

Our outstanding hospice services also ease the feelings of guilt or abandonment that many families might feel, as they struggle to balance work and life responsibilities, while caring for their loved one. We understand what a difficult, stressful time this can be for everyone, so we aim to make the journey as smooth as possible for our patients and their family; lifting a weight from your heart and reassuring you that we do everything we can to provide comfort and peace for your loved one. Even patients with no family nearby will feel welcomed, supported and cared for with the utmost consideration for their needs and wishes.

Not only do we ensure that all your medical and physical needs are met, we also realize the importance of emotional and spiritual support. Our highly experienced professional and medical staff are dedicated experts in their fields, who can compassionately provide the consistent, exceptional hospice care that you or your loved one needs. All of our patients are treated as individuals and their care is tailored for them personally – there is no “standard” package because everyone is different. We want to give you that “Tender Touch” that makes you feel safe, respected and comforted throughout, with the best quality of life that we can give.

Learn More about Hospice at the “National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization”