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    Hospice Pain Management

    Hospice Pain Management

    Many Benefits are offered while under hospice care but the most important is pain control. Management of pain is very essential when an individual is transitioning from life as they know it. During this intimate time hospice holds your hand while easing the pain. Comfort and tranquility is the priority of hospice and it is understood that this can be achieved through pain management.

    The employees of Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC Hospice, are trained to recognize and treat pain for optimal control, with the use of medication in conjunction with non-pharmacological methods. Our nurses work closely with the physician and the interdisciplinary team to tailor the pain regimen to that of the individual. Pain is typically evaluated on a ten point scale to determine the intensity of pain a patient is experiencing. On the ten point scale zero is no pain and ten is the worst pain. In some cases patients are unable to identify or verbalize their pain secondary to their illness. In situations such as this, the patient is closely monitored for non-verbal signs of pain and treated accordingly.

    Non-verbal signs of pain may include labored breathing, increased heart rate and blood pressure, grimacing, tense muscles and agitation. Other physical changes will also occur if the pain is not treated.

    If you would like to know more about how our services can assist you or your loved one. Please visit our website at www.tendertouchatlanta.com or contact us via telephone to speak with a representative at 404-572-9966.

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