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    Hospice Social Worker

    Hospice Social Worker

    Some people have grave misconceptions about social workers. Some think they’re out to break families by taking away children from their homes. Others see them as only targeting low-income families. Sometimes it also appears as though one of social workers’ main agendas is to compel our family members into moving to nursing homes. On the contrary, social workers are people with good intentions.

    According to the Hospice Patients Alliance (HPA), hospice social workers are professionals trained to evaluate the needs of a patient and their families. They will even go a step further and make regular patient visits as required.

    Hospice patient care plans incorporate the needs of the patient as well as the family unit. Thus, a competent social worker will help the patient in making critical decisions such as where to spend his/her remaining days, or whether or not to use artificial feeding methods such as feeding tubes.

    Every patient in hospice care needs socialization and interaction with other people. The patient could be experiencing psychological and spiritual stressors such as guilt, anxiety, and depression. Counseling, emotional support and short-term psychological techniques are some of the useful approaches adopted by social workers to alleviate the stress.

    Social workers also care for patients’ families. One of the effective approaches is encouraging them when dealing with overwhelming emotional grief. Some caregivers forfeit their meals and sleep to tend to grieving families. Simple words of encouragement go a long way in helping families deal with the prevailing circumstances.

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