• 11 MAY 16
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    National Nurses Week

    National Nurses Week

    The National Nurses week that started on Friday May 6th to Thursday May 12, 2016 is a period for us to reflect on the roles nurses play in the healthcare industry. Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC cannot help but think about our nurses in hospice care. We constantly reflect on the challenges they face and how important their role is around the world. Furthermore, let’s take this opportunity to thank every nurse for the responsibility; the recognized and unrecognized, expressed and implied that he/she has to fulfill every day.

    I give special thanks to Sheena John, our Director of Nursing for her contribution this week and the nursing profession as a whole. She never gets tired of challenging us. One of the things we acknowledge during this period is the way she pushes us to find solutions rather than complain about the challenges in the nursing profession, especially in hospice care. I would like to give special thanks to all the nurses at Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC Hospice. Words limit my description of the work they do in this institution. Deep down, we know that it is not always about the pay check. Rather, it is about showing care to those who need it most. Once more, thank you.

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