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    The Role of a Hospice Chaplain!

    The Role of a Hospice Chaplain!

    Spiritual care takes top priority when one is under hospice care and a Hospice Chaplain, as part of a hospice healthcare team, provides this to the patients. It is their goal to offer spiritual support not only for terminally ill patients, but also to their families.

    A chaplain has different roles to play when dealing with the patients and their families. Other than providing spiritual and emotional counseling to them, it’s also his duty to connect the patients and families to the clergies of their own religion or faith. He acts as liaison between them and even submits written reports regarding the patients’ interaction with him. He communicates the needs of the patients to the clergy members. With this, he provides a presence that is open and non-judgmental with regards to the patients’ beliefs, values and culture. Even In-home patients can expect calls or visits from the chaplain for support. Also, the hospice chaplain provides assistance to the church or any other group in the arrangement and in officiating funeral and bereavement services.

    Having a Hospice Chaplain offers a lot of benefits to both the patients and their families. They can provide personalized care for each patient easing the anxiety of the families. They can offer spiritual services which includes counseling, support and guidance. This may also include prayer or worship services that would respect and honor the faith of the patients. Doing this, the patients and their families gain a wider perspective of what is happening. This lessens the stress and depression for both the families and the patients.

    The Hospice Chaplain also offers a familiar and relaxed environment to them and makes them more open of their feelings and fears. That is why even if the patients choose to stay in the comforts of their homes, the Hospice Chaplain still calls and visits to provide an environment with open communication outside the medical routine. Also, he provides assistance and support to the staff of the hospice team. This would make it easier for the team members to communicate with the patients and their families. He offers a calm presence by enforcing friendship, prayers, companionship with an open mind and a listening heart. He encourages patients to open up and talk about the significant events and people in their lives to remind them of the beautiful lives that they have lived.

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