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    Tips for Choosing a Care Solution for your Aging Parent

    Tips for Choosing a Care Solution for your Aging Parent

    When the responsibility of caring for an aging parent falls upon your shoulders, there are many options available for you to choose from. The tips below can help you make sense of each so you have peace of mind with your decision.

    Home Health Care or Private Duty Home Care
    Home health care providers offer a convenient way for aging parents to be looked after. These intermittent home visits are done by skilled nurses who can help with everything from meal preparation to medication disbursement. Private duty home care is essentially the same as home health care, although it differs in the fact that some people choose to have the nurses come by more frequently or even live in the home. some advantages of these include:

    – Patients are able to stay in their homes while still receiving the care that they need; this is perfect for those who want to maintain their independence.

    – Care is provided by skilled and experienced nurses, which takes the risk out of care provided by family members without experience.

    Nursing Home or Assisted Living
    Assisted living facilities are places where residents live in a supervised community. These communities do offer a limited number of care services as well as meals and social activities, however, they do not provide nursing care. For parents who need nursing care on a regular basis, a nursing home will be a better choice. These facilities provide residents with around the clock professional nursing care and assist with daily activities as well. A few advantages of these services include:

    – In a nursing home, your parent would be looked over by licensed nurses and doctors.

    – In an assisted living facility, residents maintain a lot of independence while making friends within their community

    – Both facilities look after patients to ensure they are safe and cared for.

    Hospice care is used to help patients who are approaching the end of their lives live more comfortably. Some of the advantages of this service include:

    – The focus of hospice care is to provide patients with a comfortable life during their final days, weeks, or months. To ensure this, a care provider is assigned to the patient to provide personalized around the clock care.

    – Hospice care is normally provided at hospitals and nursing homes, but patients can choose to have care provided in their own home if they wish.

    – One of the greatest advantage of this type of care is that it provides counseling for the family to help with emotions during this sensitive time.

    For more information on choosing a care solution for your Aging Parent, please email us at info@tendertouchonline.com.

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