Tender Touch Atlanta, LLC believes- with the right team every goal can be accomplished. We take our mission to heart as we endeavor to create a supportive environment for our staff and our patients. Our vision, mission and philosophy are our promise to you.   


We will always strive to be the foremost provider of hospice care services in Atlanta and its surrounding cities.  


Our primary goal is to address each patient’s concerns with sincerity and honesty-we believe each patient is family. Matching each patient with the right caregiver will alleviate the anguish and grief a health crisis can produce.


We know that having a terminal illness does not define the lives of our patients.  We prefer to think of our patients as “Living Legacies.” As we celebrate their lives, we pledge to offer cutting edge health solutions that minimize the discomfort and apprehension associated with having a life-ending illness.

Our Promise

We will never waiver on our promise to ensure that the highest level of care is utilized. Our core values are incorporated into every training course and reiterated by our excellent staff. We are committed to valuing human dignity and collaborating with credible providers who share our vision.